We offer a large selection of replicas of both women's and men's wallets. Our replicas of wallets are of the highest quality leather with laser engraved fittings just like in the original wallets.

Replicas of wallets are the second most popular among our clients, after handbags. Almost everyone needs a wallet, even if it is small and mainly contains credit cards, the replica of the wallet is also a very good gift for men and women, it is a universal product.

Replica wallets are often made of the same materials and colors as the corresponding types of bags, which together form a whole, e.g. a replica of the Louis Vuitton wallet creates a beautiful complementary set with a replica of the same brand of handbag that was made in the same pattern. Most customers who buy a handbag from us, go on and buy a matching wallet, belt and shoes immediately or in the near future.

We are most happy when we see our regular customers returning to buy a gift for their best friends, each replica of the wallet has a set of documents, a cardboard box and a dust bag so that it does not differ in any way from the original, therefore its quality is identical and you do not need to spend a few hundred dollars just to enjoy the branded wallet.

We are sure of the quality of our replicas of wallets, we use them on a daily basis and nothing happens to them, after a long time of use they look like new.

Every day we sell replicas of wallets. We invite you to check our offer and see what models we have to choose something for yourself. If you like a model and do not have it in our offer, write to us, send a picture and we will ask your proven suppliers if it is available in premium class, and if it is, we will order it for you.


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