Kim Kardashian’s Style Transformation with GET2LUX Company.

06 / Apr / 2018
"Keeping Up with the Kardashians" - Kim Kardashian style transformation over the past 10 years.
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Elements of the outfit – how to match them together?

09 / Feb / 2018
If the jewellery is customized in a good way, it can underline in a subtle way the beauty of the woman wearing it and it can complement her stylization. How to manage that task?
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How to read informations from the clothing labels?

15 / Jan / 2018
Let's discover how to read clothes labels. Do you know how to wash, dry or iron all of your clothes? It will really make your life easier!
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2018 fashion trends from catwalks: get ready for spring!

12 / Jan / 2018
Curious what’s coming in fashion for the SS 2018 season? Let's take a break from winter for a while - check our trends overview from the catwalks.
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Melanie Trump in a beautiful dress from Dior

13 / Dec / 2017
Melanie Trump during the Christmas tour in the White House wore a stunning Dior dress, which entranced everybody in the fashion world. Read more.
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