Flow shopping for points

For every 1$ spent you get 1 point, for example if you make an order for 125$ you get 125 points from the get2lux.cn. The points are held on your account (“My Points” tab, available on the account). The points appear on your account after your order has been executed and delivered, and the payment has been made successfully.

Note. Award credits (points) can only be collected by registered users, who has set up an account.

Rules of shopping with points:

  • if the purse costs $299 you will need 2990 point to purchase it with points.
  • the sunglass that costs $99 can be purchased with 990 points.
  • Shoes cost $279, you need 2790 point to buy them with points.

The points are held on Your account in "My loyalty points" tab. The points appear on the account after the Customer’s order has been executed and delivered, and the payment has been successfully made.

In order to use the points that you collected all you have to do is to place a normal order and in the 4th step of the execution of the order there will be information how many loyalty points you have already collected and you will be able to choose how big rebate you want to give to you, you can use the total amount of your points and pay with them for your order and the remaining number will stay on your account or you can pay for the order partly with the points and the rest you can pay using other method of payment.