• 1 - firstly
    We live in China, but we come from Europe. In China there are manufactured 99% of replicas, we have our warehouses here and we execute all the packages ourselves, unlike other replicas sellers who don’t even see the products they sell. Other shops send their products using drop-shipping method, which means that they use Chinese supplier’s photos in their online shops and they don’t even see the product, the supplier from send the package directly to the customer. In such cases it is almost certain that either something will go wrong or you will pay for the highest, premium quality product but will get an average one.
  • 2 - secondly
    Truth is, 99 of 100 Chinese replica suppliers are dishonest, so when you order in unreliable, not verified shop, the chance that you will get exactly what you ordered is infinitesimal
  • 3 - thirdly
    Each product that we sell we have in our Chinese storehouse, we always check the quality twice. The first time we check the quality right after getting the product from supplier, if anything is wrong we exchange it until it is satisfying. The second time we check the quality just before sending the product – we check every little detail and look at the product up to the light. There is no possibility to find any defects after our thorough control.
  • 4 - fourthly
    All the pictures in our shop are taken by our photographer, every product that we own we have in our own storehouses, we can give you a guarantee that when you order a product, it will look exactly how it does on the photos. The photos are not retouched in any way, we only light the product and take a photo, so you can have the certainty that you will always get exactly the product that you saw on the photographs, without any surprises.
  • 5 - fifth
    Maybe we don’t have 10.000 products, but the truth is that not every product on market is in the PREMIUM (AAA+) quality. We choose only the best quality possible. If the product exists only in the medium quality, we don’t have it in our offer, because we pay attention to having only the best quality of replicas on-line. We can assure you, that once you buy a product in our shop you won’t be able to find a better quality in another shops or sellers.
  • 5 - sixthly
    We have also prepared some special options for our customer, that are not offered by another shops, like award credits or levels, so that our premium customer get from us even better deals and sales, as well as auctions, where we sell products from the ending collections. However, the products from auctions don’t differ from those on normal sale, they are the same products but on special sale.
  • 7 - seventh
    Perhaps we don’t have the lowest prices, you can probably find much cheaper products in another shops, however if you want to have the best replica available on the market, it cannot cost as little as the lowest quality products. The quality always costs and if the product is made with the best materials and it is indistinguishable from the original, it must be more expensive.
  • 8 - eight
    Every customer has the choice to buy a particular product for e. g. 200USD and get the lowest or medium quality at best and a product that at first sight looks like a replica, or pay 300USD and be sure that the product will be indistinguishable from the original one – the choice is yours.
  • 9 - nine
    We don’t lie, when buying in our shop you can be sure that even if we would earn less, we will always advise you, so that you will be happy and satisfied with the purchase. We always tell truth, not what the customer wants to hear.
    • Other sellers
    • “Always” have 1 to 1 quality,
    • “Always” have products made with the best materials,
    • “Always” offer the highest quality,
    • “Always” claim to have the lowest prices. Yet this “always” is almost never confirmed after receiving the package, and then is only disappointment, waste of money or lack of the dream product.
  • 10 - tenthly
    We always tell the truth, if we tell that a particular product is made with the natural leather you can be sure that it will in fact be a natural leather not synthetic. And when we tell, that we give you the highest quality you can be sure that you won’t find a better replica anywhere.
  • 11 - eleventh
    For us it is not about realizing 500 orders a day while lying to our customers and being dishonest. What we really care about is to be the best seller of replicas in the world, with regular customers who will always be certain that when ordering in our shop their money is well spent and the product will come looking exactly as on the photos. That is why we try hard to have the best service as well as product, so that the customer who makes the first order will always go back, knowing that we are the best and no one will top us with the quality and service
  • 12 - twelfth
    Free delivery – when you place an order you only pay the price that you see next to the product, we don’t add any tax or shipping cost. If the website says that something costs 200USD, that is the price and you won’t have to pay not a penny more. We try to send our products the next day after receiving the payment, so that the customer will get it as soon as possible and every product is safely packed, so it wouldn’t get damaged. Even if somehow it would get damaged, we always resend it at our expense, so that the customer will always be happy and satisfied, and so that they could recommend us to their friends.
  • 13 - thirteen
    Last and most important aspect is that we simply love this business. It took us 3 years of hard work to develop as much, we have lost a lot of money, we have been conned by suppliers few times, we have dedicated thousands hours of really hard work, nerves and sweat, so that our shop will become what it is now. Selling replicas while living in China is very difficult, especially if you want to do it on the highest level possible. Only someone who loves what they do and who takes care of the business is able to tackle every obstacle. We can guarantee you, that we will do our best, so that you will be satisfied with your purchase, will be able to recommend us and so that our reputation is impeccable. Find out yourself, that if you buy something from our shop once, you will never want to change us for any other supplier.