I.General Information

  1. The online store, which operates at (hereinafter referred to as “the store”), shall sell via the Internet the products contained in the store's offer (hereinafter referred to as “a Product” or as “Products”). 

  1. The parties to a contract of sale concluded via the store shall be the customers who purchase the Products and GET2LUX. 

  1. A contract of sale of the Products offered via the store shall be concluded upon receipt of a Customer's order by GET2LUX. .
  2.  The Products purchased via the store shall be delivered on the territory of the USA and of other countries
  3. An order placed by a Customer shall be carried out provided that the Product is available in or at GET2LUX's warehouse or supplier. In the event that the Products are unavailable, the STORE shall provide appropriate information thereon on the website of the store, next to the Product's description; however, lack of such information on the website of the store shall not mean that the Product is available. In the event that a Product the description of which lacks such information is unavailable, a Customer shall be notified via e-mail of the inability to process the order, as per Section II.3.

II. Products. Product Prices

  1. Any information regarding important characteristics and properties of the Products, including the prices thereof, shall be provided on the website of the store, next to the Product's description, by the STORE. 

  2. A limited quantity of Products shall be available for sale, including bargain and clearance sales, and purchase orders shall be processed in the order of confirmation of the Product orders until the supplies subject to a specific form of sale run out.
  3. In the event that Products are unavailable (run out), the STORE shall provide the appropriate information on the website, next to the description of a specific Product; nevertheless, in the event that the STORE provides the appropriate information on a Product's unavailability following the acceptance of a Customer's order or if the Store is unable to process such an order for other reasons, it shall be entitled to renounce the contract of sale within 30 (thirty) days from the date of conclusion of the contract. If a Customer has already made a payment, the STORE shall immediately return to the Customer the amount paid by the Customer, no later than 3 (three) days from the renunciation of the contract of sale by the STORE. The STORE shall return the payment using a payment method identical to the one used by the Customer unless the Customer accepts another reimbursement method. A Customer may decide to accept partial fulfillment of an order, including reimbursement of the Product payment, or to extend the order processing time due to waiting for the unavailable Product, exchange the unavailable Product for another, or cancel the entire order.
  1. The currency of all Product prices presented on the website of the store shall be the United States dollar.
  2. The price provided next to each Product shall be binding upon the Parties at the time of purchase by a Customer
  3. The store shall reserve the right to alter the prices of the Products included in the offer of the store, to introduce new Products into the store's offer, to conduct and cancel special offer campaigns on the website and to introduce changes thereinto. The rights listed above shall have no effect on the Product prices in the orders placed prior to the alteration of prices, terms and conditions of special offer campaigns or clearance sales.

III. Conclusion of a Contract

  1. The purchase orders placed by customers shall be received via the website of the store ( following the procedure of order placement on the website. The rules of order placement are also described in the Section ‘Orders Step-by-Step’. The placement of an order by a customer shall include the following stages in particular:
  • ordering of selected Products;
  • specification of the delivery address and form of payment;
  • order confirmation; 

  • order payment.
  1. Prior to the shipping of the order, at the stage of the creation thereof, a Customer shall be allowed to reanalyze and modify (if necessary) all data (e.g. first name, last name, address, form of payment, range and quantity of the Products ordered).
  2. A Customer shall make a binding offer to purchase the Products, having gone through the entire procedure of order placement on the website of the store (, which shall mean acceptance of the Regulations of the store, by clicking on the “Order with obligatory payment” button.
  3. The contract of sale of the Products offered via the store shall be concluded upon receipt of a Customer's order by the store, which shall mean that at that moment, the contract shall become binding in law. 

  4. A Customer may cancel an order that has not been sent yet. In order to do so, the Customer shall be obliged to contact the store forthwith, by sending an e-mail at:

IV. Order Confirmation.

  1. All personal data sent by a Customer during the purchase shall be stored and processed by the store in accordance with the Polish Act on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997 (no. 133, item 883, as amended). A Customer shall have access to the Customer's data, the right to make corrections or to demand cessation of the use thereof, as well as to cancel such data and/or corrections. The provision of a Customer's personal data shall be voluntary; however, an order may not be processed unless the Customer consents to the processing of the Customer's personal data. A Customer shall bear liability for provision of incorrect data; in the event that the confirmed address is incorrect and the package fails to be delivered at the correct address, the money shall be returned upon resending of the Products to the sender by the courier company. .
  2. The STORE shall deliver to a Customer a confirmation of order receipt within a reasonable period of time following conclusion of the contract, no later than at the time of Product delivery. Order confirmations shall include in particular all important data regarding the order, including the data identifying the STORE, address for the Customer's complaints, complaint administration procedure, tax-inclusive price, delivery costs, method and time limit for payment, method and time limit for the Product delivery, method and time limit for submission of statement of contract renunciation, costs of the Product return in the event that payment has already been made, the ability to exercise extrajudicial forms of complaint as well as compensation and the rules for access to such procedures. Order confirmation statements shall be sent to the Customer at the e-mail address provided by the Customer. The contents of the confirmations received in such manner may be printed out by the Customer.


V. Time and Method of Delivery .

  1. The store undertakes to deliver to a Customer the Products ordered within no more than 21 (twenty-one) business days from the receipt of full payment for the Customer's order placed in the store Nevertheless, the delivery time is usually between 8 (eight) and 12 (twelve) business days for a gratuitous shipment via Hongkong Post, and between 3 (three) and 6 (six) business days for FEDEX or DHL shipment, following the receipt of the payment for the Product by GET2LUX. Every order shall be dispatched to a Customer within 1–2 (one–two) business days following the order placement provided that the Products are available in the warehouse, and in the event that the Product is unavailable and the store needs to order such Product from the supplier, the dispatch time may be postponed by several days. Orders that include Products which are not contained in the regular assortment of the store (so-called ‘custom’ Products) shall also be an exception to the delivery time. In such event, the store shall agree upon the completion time of such an order with the Customer. The order processing shall begin upon determination and agreement with the Customer who wishes to purchase a ‘non-standard’ Product of and upon all details, and upon receipt of the full payment for the ‘custom’ Product.
  2. An order shall be shipped by Hongkong Post, FEDEX or DHL at the address specified in the order by the Customer. The store shall bear no liability for any failure to deliver the Product or for any delays caused by incorrectly or inaccurately provided address by the Customer. 
The store shall reserve the right to extend the dispatch time due to the possible occurrence of events that include any type of holidays, in particular INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS, such as Christmas, Easter and public holidays ratified by the law of a given country, etc. This shall mean that the delivery time may exceed 21 (twenty-one) business days. Unless the Customer is notified of any changes in the circumstances, the store shall continue to process the order on the business day immediately following the receipt of the full payment for the order. Any extraordinary circumstances, in particular those pertaining to Christmas and Easter, are a period of very intensive work for every courier company, hence the store shall bear no liability for the time of delivery by a post office or by a courier company
  3. The shop reserves its right to extend the shipping time, due to chance events, which include all kinds of holidays, especially INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS, such as Christmas, Easter, public holidays defined by law in a particular country etc. It means, that the delivery time may be longer than 14 (fourteen) working day. If the Customer is not informed about changed situation, the shop will continue to execute the order immediately on the following working day after receiving a full payment for the order. Extraordinary situations, especially Christmas and Easter time, are times of very intensive work for every company, that is the reason why the shop is not responsible for the time of delivery by the post office.
  4. Each courier company hired by the store to deliver the shipment to a customer shall reserve the right to deliver the package within 40 (forty) business days. Upon placement of an order, a Customer shall accept the fact that the delivery time may be extended from 14 (fourteen) to 40 (forty) business days. These are sporadic and isolated cases that occur once every 1000 orders, on average; the store may not submit a claim to the carrier of an undelivered shipment until 40 (forty) business days have lapsed. The store may not submit a claim prior to the lapse of 40 (forty) business days because such a claim would not be accepted by the carrier. In the event that a package is lost, shall reimburse the customer immediately upon receipt from the carrier of a confirmation of the loss of the shipment, or shall send an identical package at its own expense
  5. The Products shall be sent from China via the Post Office in Hong Kong or via FEDEX or DHL. The store shall bear no liability for any legal formalities pertaining to the customs office and for problem-free delivery to a Customer. Any necessary communication with the customs office and other formalities shall be the purchaser's responsibility. 
In case of delivery, 98 out of every 100 packages are delivered to the addressee without any problems. However, if a package is confiscated in any country and the customer fails to intervene by contacting the customs office in any manner, the Product shall be resent to China and the store shall sent the exact same order again at its own expense within 3 (three) days following the Product's dispatch from this country. This shall be checked using an online shipment tracking system on the website of Hongkong Post, Fedex, DHL or of various reliable and credible companies which provide such services, e.g.

VI. Shipping cost

  1. The cost of shipping of the Products purchased in the store shall always be free and included in the Product price, as provided next to each item on the website Fast delivery by FEDEX or DHL shall require additional payment for orders with a value not exceeding USD 300; for orders with a value in excess of such amount, the delivery by FEDEX or DHL shall also be free of charg
  2. In case of free delivery, a customer shall only incur the costs of the order, whereas the store shall pay the costs of the Products' delivery as well as of secure packaging thereof. .

VII. Retention of title of the Product

  1. To the moment of making the full payment for the ordered Products by the Customer, the Products remain a property of the shop.

VIII. Rules of payment

  1. A Customer may select from the following forms of payment for the Products ordered:
  1. Visa
  2. Master Card
  3. Bitcoins
  4. Western Union
  1. shall reserve the right in any case to alter a specific payment method due to technical issues connected with the use of a given method
  1. In accordance with the requirements of payment organizations, companies which offer online payments shall conform to the strict PCI DSS security standards.The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a global standard established by payment organizations (Visa, MasterCard) for the purpose of protection of the personal data of card users and of the information on the transactions made using debit cards 
  2. More detailed payment information may be found on the website of a given payment organization. For Bitcoin payments, the store shall provide a 10% discount on the entire order, including the shipment.

IX. Right to Renounce the Contract

Every Customer shall be entitled to return/exchange a Product purchased in the store, abiding by the following rules:

  1. Upon receipt of the Product ordered, a Customer shall have 5 (five) business days to notify the store via e-mail of the Customer's desire to cancel the order / exchange the Products for others, by sending a message informing the store at: The notification does not need to contain the reason for the return or exchange; If a Customer notifies the store of the Customer's desire to exchange a Product, the Customer shall write the name of the Product for which the Customer wishes to exchange the one purchased originally
  2. Upon confirmation of the receipt of the e-mail and specification of the address for the package to be resent at, the Customer shall have 48 (forty-eight) hours to provide the store with the package tracking number. The shipment may be carried out by any carrier selected by the Customer, but the package must be registered and trackable online on the carrier's website.
  1. A Product may only be returned with the protective film and labels, otherwise the Product may not be returned/exchanged, as the Product shall be deemed used
  2. A Product may not be returned/exchanged in the event that:
  1. any part of the packaging is damaged, shows signs of wear or fails to be delivered in returnable packaging;
  2. the package is damaged or incomplete;
  3. the time limit for notifying the store of the fact has lapsed or the package fails to be sent within the period of time referred to in Paragraph 2;
  1. In the event that a Customer wishes to return or exchange a Product already sent, the Customer shall incur the costs of sending a return package to China and cover the costs of the store connected with the previously sent shipment. The information on the costs incurred by shall be contained in the first e-mail reply, together with an address in China at which the Product should be resent.
  1. In case of Product exchange, the second shipment shall be sent free of charge and the difference in prices must be adjusted prior to the sending of the package to the Customer. A package with the selected replacement Product shall be sent within 3 (three) business days following the receipt of the return package from the Customer and inspection of the contents thereof.
  1. In case of full return of a Product, a Customer shall be reimbursed within 3 (three) business days following the delivery of the package to the store If inspection of the contents of the packaging reveals that the Product does not meet the conditions listed in the above Paragraphs, shows signs of use, is incomplete or damaged, the Customer shall receive an e-mail with a refusal of reimbursement and the grounds for such decision. In order to receive the shipment again, the Customer must cover the costs of reshipment to Poland and specify ‘redelivery payment’ in the transfer title
  2. If a Product received by a Customer is damaged or inconsistent with the order, the Customer shall notify the store no later than within 3 (three) business days from the receipt thereof via e-mail at: The notification shall contain an attachment with photographs and a description of the inconsistencies, as well as the addressee's full name and address. In the e-mail reply, the Customer shall receive acknowledgment of the complaint and an address in China at which the package should be resent. Thereafter, the Customer shall have 48 hours following the receipt of the e-mail to notify the store of the online shipment tracking number. The shipment costs as well as the costs of the next shipment from China to the Customer's country shall be covered by the store A Customer may also cancel an order in full and do not exchange a Product for another. In such case, the money shall be returned upon receipt of the shipment and inspection of the contents thereof, no later than 3 (three) business days from the receipt thereof, but the costs of the first shipment sent to the Customer incurred by the store shall be deducted from the amount returned.
  1. If the conditions of Product return fail to be satisfied in full, the complaint / Product exchange shall not be accepted and the Customer must cover the costs of reshipment of the sent package in order to recover such package. In order to recover the package, the Customer must cover the costs of reshipment to the Customer's country and provide the Customer's full name and the annotation ‘redelivery payment’ in the transfer title.
  2. In case of difference in opinions, additional inquiries or suggestions not regulated in the Return/Exchange/Complaint Regulations, please contact us via e-mail. Our e-mail address:

X. Bonus Points System.

  1. The store shall offer a bonus points system for users who have registered on the website
  2. For every USD 1 spent in the store, a Customer shall receive 1 point (i.e. if an order amounts to USD 125, the Customer shall receive 125 points). 1 point shall be equivalent to the amount of USD 0.10, so if an item which a Customer would like to purchase with points costs USD 100, the Customer must possess 1000 points in order to pay therefor with points.
  3. Bonus points may only be used in the store and may not be exchanged for cash.
  4. Points shall be entered into a Customer's account (in the ‘My Points’ tab available on the account).
  5. Points shall appear on the account upon completion and delivery of the order to a Customer, following successful payment.

 XI. Auctions

  1. On the website of the store, some items may also be purchased using an auction system. In the special ‘Auctions’ section on the website, special Product offers shall appear, which may be purchased upon winning an auction by a Customer. Every customer may make an offer, which must be higher than the previous Customer's offer
  2. The auction time shall be limited and specified on the item's page. The Customer who offers the highest price within the specified time limit shall win the auction and may purchase the Product at the price offered by the Customer. Participation in auctions on the website shall require prior registration


XII. Customer Levels.

  1. Every customer registered on shall have a level assigned to the customer's account. Upon registration, a customer shall be assigned ‘Level 0’. A ‘Level 0’ customer shall receive all general offers / clearance sales and bonus points. Such a customer shall also receive a 10% discount (in the form of points) to spent at In order to attain further levels, a Customer must spend a specific amount in the store
  1. The amounts required to reach a certain level are:
  1. ‘Level 0’ (normal): USD 0–1,000
  2. ‘Silver Level’: USD 2,000–5,000; upon attainment of this level, a customer shall receive USD 200 in the form of bonus points, which the customer may spend in the store
  3. ‘Gold Level’: USD 5,000–10,000; upon attainment of this level, a customer shall receive USD 300 in the form of bonus points, which the customer may spend in the store
  4. ‘Platinum Level’: USD 10,000–20,000; upon attainment of this level, a customer shall receive USD 500 in the form of bonus points, which the customer may spend in the store
  5. ‘Diamond Level’: > USD 20,000; upon attainment of this level, a customer shall receive USD 1000 in the form of bonus points, which the customer may spend in the store
  1. At specific levels, customers shall receive special offers and transaction options, visible on the customer's account (in the ‘My Offers’ section). The special offers presented shall become progressively better as the level improves.
  2. A Customer shall be obliged to read the Regulations during the placement of an order. During the processing of placed and paid orders, the store shall assume as a fact that the Customer has read the provisions set forth in the publicly available Regulations, which have been accepted and agreed to by the Customer. In the event that a Customer disagrees with any part of the Regulations or has any reservations, the Customer is asked not to place an order in the store

These Regulations have been set forth by the management of the store and shall be identical for every order

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