Purchase step by step

Description of purchases step by step in the on-line shop get2lux.com

  1. Ordering the products in the get2lux.cn shop is very intuitive and it works on the basis of any kind of online shopping
  2. – After placing an order there appears the order confirmation on the screen. While choosing the payment method there appears an information with the account number as well as all the information necessary to finish the transaction. If you choose the Money payment there shows a relocating link that moves you to the other site, where you can make the payment. Additionally on your e-mail address given during the order you will be sent the same information.
  3. After making an order and payment, the products are sent within 1-2 working days from the moment of receipt the payment confirmation or after receiving money on the bank account. .
  4. The shipment is made with Hongkong Post or FEDEX after sending the order on the given e-mail address you will receive the tracking number, to locate your package in the Internet. Shipping payments are always covered by the get2lux.cn shop. The customer does not have to pay anything for the shipping if choose Hongkong Post.