Frequently Asked Questions

How much does shipping cost

We appreciate our customers and try to prepare as many surprises as possible. This is why every parcel we send to you is sent at the expense of 
You only need to pay for FEDEX or DHL shipment if the value of your order is below USD 300. In the case of orders exceeding USD 300, we also cover the costs of express FEDEX or DHL services.

The parcel was lost or it is not displayed on the tracking page. What should I do?

If the parcel was lost or it is not displayed on the tracking page, please contact us at After 40 business days from sending, we will make a claim and the parcel will be traced by the post office. Such cases occur only 1 in every 1,000 orders. The customer receives a refund or GET2LUX sends the same product at its expense.
IIf an incorrect address was specified, the parcel is lost and you will be unable to find it, we will not bear any financial possibility. The situation where a parcel is lost occurs once every 1,000 shipments, or less often. The case is different when the shipping time is extended – please read our terms of service. .

The parcel was delivered but the product does not meet my expectations. Can I exchange it?

If the parcel was delivered and the product does not meet your expectations for any reason, you can obtain a refund or exchange it. We encourage you to read the terms of service in the refunds and exchanges section.

What should I do if I receive a defective product?

Each parcel is checked carefully before shipping. When packing, it is secured against any possible damage so you can be sure that the parcel will be safe during transport and that the product will have the exact same quality as in the photograph and description. If the product is defective, we will exchange it at our expense. More information can be found in the refunds and exchanges section.

Can I be sure that the products sold are exactly as in the photographs?

Yes. The photographs are not edited with any photo-editing software. There is no possibility of obtaining the product with lower quality than the one presented in the photograph. We try to show every detail in a reliable way and we add a dozen or so photos for every product focusing on its details.

I like a product it is out of stock. Will it be available again?

If a product was in our permanent offer, it will be available as soon as possible. There is an exception to products that remain at the end of collections and they are available at special prices. If you are looking for a product and it is not available in stock, contact us and we will do our best to send it to you as soon as possible.

How can I check the size of clothes, footwear, etc.?

To check the size use the sizing chart which is available on the page of a given product. All sizes are specified in centimetres. If you have any doubts, contact us and we will help.

Are all products presented on the website also available for sale? 

Photographs of all colours versions of a given model are displayed on the website. The available colours and sizes may be selected only from the options provided by us.

What material is used to make the offered products?

The materials are specified in the description of each product that we offer for sale. The product description includes the key information about the product. You can be certain that our replicas have the best possible quality in the world.

Yes. We have made it possible to shop without registration but we really encourage you to set up an account in order to receive loyalty credits for each purchase. These are credits that can be used for payment or exchanged for prizes in our shop.

Loyalty credits. What can I exchange them for?

Every customer who registers will also gain the possibility of collecting loyalty credits. For each dollar spent, you will receive one credit. Your credits can be found in the Customer’s Panel. The received credits can be exchanged for any product in our shop or used to pay for your order in part or in full.

What are Customer Levels?

After logging in, every customer in their panel has a special offer section. The customers are divided into several groups. In order to reach a certain group, you have to spend a specific amount when you shop. 
In the customer panel, you can find information on which group you belong to and how much you need to spend when shopping to become a member of a higher level group. 
Customers are divided into silver, gold, platinum and diamond groups. The special deals we have prepared depend on which group you belong to. The higher the group, the better the special deals will be. 
For instance, SILVER customers who spend USD 300 will receive one pair of free earrings to choose from 5 designs.
GOLD customers who spend USD 300 will receive a gift with a higher values for instance sunglasses in premium quality (to select from 5 different sunglasses models).
If a PLATINUM customer spends the same amount, e.g. USD 300, they will receive something even more expensive from us, e.g. a premium quality wallet (to select from 5 different wallets). The highest group, e.g. DIAMOND customers who spend USD 300, will receive a bag (to select from 5 different bags).
The above are only examples of what type of freebies will be given and for what amounts spent. This will change from time to time. 
It is worth registering on our site, otherwise the amounts spent on shopping will not be added to the total amount spent in the shop and the non-registered group will always have the lowest rank regardless of how much they spend on shopping at GET2LUX.
I am a GOLD customer and I am supposed to receive a FREEBIE to with my order. How do I pick one? 

When placing the order, if the amount exceeds the amount defined for your customer level, in one of the order process steps products will be presented for you to select from. Each order exceeding a specific amount makes you eligible to select one freebie.

What are bids and how to use them?

We have prepared a bid section for our customers. Products that are offered for sale through bids will be posted there for a specified period. Everyone will be able to bid and the highest offer at the end of the bid will win. 
The products available through bids offer the same high quality as products in the GET2LUX shop. They are either products ending a collection or single sizes that remain in our stock. 
Bids are only available to registered customers.

What will I gain from registering?

Registered customers will have the possibility of collecting loyalty credits that can be exchanged for gifts or can be used for paying for orders. You can also view your transaction history and track parcels that are on their way to you in the customer panel. 
Customer levels and bids are only available to registered customers. 
It is really worth registering.

Where can I find a Get 2 Lux social media profile?

We encourage you to subscribe our YouTube channel, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter. All links can be found in the top right corner of our page.

Who incurs the costs of exchanges?

The purchaser covers the costs of a return shipment in the case they want to exchange the product for another one. The next shipment will be sent to you once you place a new order so if your purchases exceed the amount of USD 300, shipping will be free.

Why isn’t it possible to pay upon collection? 

Unfortunately, this method is not available because no carrier company in the world offers payment with this method in the case of international payments.

Can I cancel an order?

The order is processed immediately after its placing. It is not possible to cancel orders that were placed. You can notify our shop by email about resignation – thanks to the above the shipment will be withheld if it was not yet sent.

Can I check the status of my order? 

The order status is visible to registered users in the order history. 
In the order history, you can track your shipment with the shipping number (directly in the customer panel). Furthermore, customers receive automated emails about their order status: order placement confirmation, order acceptance, order shipment. The last email also contains the shipping number.

How can I pay for my order?

Online payments can be made via online payment systems. If the payment during ordering was unsuccessful, you can click the formula found at the bottom of the order confirmation that you received to your email address. Then you will be redirected to a page where you can try to make the payment again.

What currency should I make my payment in, for the purchased product?

We accept payments in dollars. For your convenience we offer the following payment methods: BTC, Western Union, Money Gram, Credit Card.

Can I make a purchase without setting up an account?

Yes. We have made it possible to shop without registration but we really encourage you to set up an account in order to receive loyalty credits for each purchase. These are credits that can be used for payment or exchanged for prizes in our shop.