2018 fashion trends from catwalks: get ready for spring!

2018 fashion trends from catwalks: get ready for spring!

While winter is still taking its toll all around US let’s forget about it for a while and discuss much more pleasant thing: ucoming spring-summer season fashion trends! We are truly excited about what is coming especially because fashion this year goes back in time and runs forward in the future at the same time. Besides some trends that will stay with us from 2017 (but mostly in a bit changed way), there are some entirely new ones. This is gonna be pugnacious and colorful time!


Flounces, sequins, fringes, petticoats, peacock feathers, high heels – fancy glamour elements stay with us from 2017 for the coming season. As fans of the luxurious and elegant clothes we are very excited! Every little bit of chic spark is very welcome in your spring outfits. Get inspired by disco lights, universe, „Flashdance” and other 80’s vibes. Then just shine - cause that’s what glamour is mostly about! But remember – in 2018 it’s more about being feminine and colofrul instead of vintage – let some other colors besides silver and gold rock your style. Also elements like fringes change their character in coming spring: say goodbye to these sporty or boho styled you remember from last season especially music festivals. In coming spring you should wear glamour fringes: adorned, luxurious and elegant ones.

photos: Imaxfree
photos: Imaxfree (from left: Stella McCartney, Valentino, Stella McCartney)


Designers recall 90’ by bringing back their classics from this time. It is particulary visible on Versace’s catwalk. In this Italian fashion house’s press release we read that this campaign brings together past and future. The new collection contains mostly projects inspired by 90s’ works and prints of Gianni Versace, the legendary founder of the company. But it is clearly seen that Donatella – his sister – used them to create something fresh. Burberry still promotes its classic 90s’ checkered denims which in this year appear also on accessories like handbags. When talking about handbags in 2018 it’s time to recall the 90s’ purses all covered with the desginer’s logo – Louis Vuitton never gave up on them but on some catwalks that’s a fresh trend.

photos: Imaxfree
photos: Imaxfree (from left: Jeremy Scott, Gucci, Versace)

Want to express your power or maybe even your madness? Good. It’s always healthy to release any weighing emotions. If you decide to expresss them through fashion that’s even better, because all the rebelious elements are the most desirable! So open your closet and find all T-shirts with slogans, impressive jewellery and heavy boots. Be sure to equipe yourself with holey jeans and any kind of brads – if for some reason you don’t have them yet!

photos: Imaxfree
photos: Imaxfree (from left: Balmain, Stella McCartney, Valentino)


Yes, we know you were probably predicting this – as always the spring season will be ruled by pastel colors. But suprisingly there are some restrictions in 2018: only the cold, bright shades are acceptable. Victoria Beckham, who used them in her own collection gave the best description of the kinds of pasels in coming spring: these are the colors remaining of ice cream, but they can not be too sweet. That’s how we can narrow down the range of colors: get ready for bright pastel palette of violet, blue, pink and yellow.

photos: Imaxfree
photos: Imaxfree (from left: Armani, Armani, Valentino) 

Besides these color tones, there is also one pastel color that stands out in almost every collection – bright pink a little bit refering to the millenial pink trend from 2017, but leaning to apricot. It’s a fresh, delicate and creamy shade that perfectly fits every type of beauty on sunny days. In spring collections shows this beautiful color plays the main role in ethereal, romantic dresses, but a bit of modern vibe is visible in all of the projects – especially in cuts of the clothes.

photos: Imaxfree
photos: Imaxfree (from left: Chanel, Giambattista Valli, Valentino)

As the glamour trend stands in an opposition to the rebelious type of clothes, when it comes to colors there is also a competitive trend. Color blocking which you may have known for last few years now gives us even more possibilities: the more colors, the better! We would like to give you some advices in that matter but in this case there is only one rule: no rules. Mix and match everything you want but remebemer that the most impressive effect is always given by geometric configurations containing contrast colors.

photos: Imaxfree
photos: Imaxfree (from left: Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Gucci)


…in transparent materials. Their time is not over yet, in spring 2018 it will reach totally new levels. We started few years ago with transparent handbags everywhere – and they stayed with us until today when they look like made from plastic (that’s the hot trend from SS 2018 catwalks). Although it looks really inspirational on models, the head-to-toe transparent look may not be the best outfit idea for daily routine, there are some really interesting transparent elements which will give you fashionable and impressive look: transparent coats (which in addition of course are waterproof) – the most suprising proposition we’ve seen – gloves. Just remember to be careful what you dress underneath. If you are not so much into plastic-looking materials, this season’s fashion gives lots of other more delicate transparent materials.

photos: Imaxfree
photos: Imaxfree (Chanel)