Elements of the outfit – how to match them together?

Elements of the outfit – how to match them together?

If the jewellery is customized in a good way, it can underline in a subtle way the beauty of the woman wearing it and it can complement her stylization. In contrast, if it is unmatched, instead of being an ornament, it can affect. We often believe that a choice of trinkets is very easy, in the meantime, it can be repeatedly noticed that a lot of ladies can’t deal with it. There are women who relentlessly fail to match various elements of the outfit in the right way, not paying attention to their customization with the selected creation. How to customize jewellery to beauty and by the way to outfit?

The vast bulk of women love jewellery and they don’t go out from home unless they wear it. For an example earings are very important elements of the outfit. Without them or some favourite pendants we often feel „naked”, and at least not finally styled. For some of us it is jus tan ornament which brings someone’s attention, for the others the trinkets have foremost a sentimental value and for yet others it is representing some symbol (by wearing ring we indicate our civil status, cross or medal means belonging to defined religious denomination). Because of that, some women change a jewellery like gloves and some others for ages are true to the same items to which they are tied. Which of those attitude is better? How to use this elements of the outfit to make ii out advantade? It is hard to argue. Sometimes it is better to buy one thing of high quality than getting surrounded by enormous count of cheap trinkets carried out from hybrid materials. However, the excessive stiffness in that field is also not the best idea – it is hard for getting jewellery which could fit to each of outfit, for any time of the day and occasion.

The first overall rule of customizing a jewellery says that during the day we can wear slightly less than in the evening. It is worth to maintain a restraint especially when we are going to work – we would not look professionally enough if we were wearing too many elements of the outfit. It should be simple. Fire truck requires a big feeling and toning. Delicate sets made by silver and gold will be suitable here. A jewellery customized in that way will underline our femininity in a gentle way and the same it will not overwhelm us.

The evening going outs have its own laws. When we are going to go on a party, we want to shine and bring attention on ourselves. However, in that case we must to rely on a high quality. Obviously, not a lot of people have finances for big brilliants. It’s better if you’ll have big jewls than if you will wear to omany elements of the outfit. However it is good to carry out about our trinkets which are made from noble metal (the best also if they are made from natural stones). When we are going to go for a ball or to the club, we can let ourselves for more extravagance than during the day: the best will be long, showy earings, big pendants and shiny bracelets.

Another matter is that we should not decide on all of those elements of the outfit simultaneously. Elegance is strictly associated with temperance. It is worth to memorize the well-known saying „but enough, is enough”. By deciding on big, eye-catching earings, we should abandon from pendant (and vice versa). The one, eye-catching element should absolutely be enough and we will prevent an effect of „Christmas tree”. However, if we have decorative package of jewellery, we can wear all its elements. However we should customize to them quite more tonned dress.

Actually – we should customize jewellery not only for occasion but also for outfit. Here the rule is similar: trinkets must to be only a delicate accent because too big amount of them surely will be overwhelming. If our outfit has itself jewellery character – for example decorated by sequins, glitter or crystals, we should customize to it very delicate ornaments or let us avoid them at all. Shiny application next to dress’s or blouse’s neckline will replace successfully a nacklace and we don’t have to worry about additional shiny things. We have to remember that earings, rings, brancelets are also an elements of the outfit and it is important for how we appear in general.

The other issue which is important is a cut of wearing clothes. Strapless dresses or with deep cleavage match well with visible jewellery when those areas are being additionally highlighted. Here the best will be also chokers, necklaces and also short colars and necklaces. However if we want to extend our neck optically, we can give up from them and decide on long earings.

The best for golfs, stand-up collars and all those not too big, covered necklines are long necklaces, pendants and medallions or brooches. However, if neckline of blouse or dress is very effective, the necklace can make a needless mess – the earings will be a better option and decorations wearing on hands (bracelets and rings). In case of an off-the-shoulder necklines – exception are very long pendants. An off-the-shoulder neckline in shape of the letter V perfectly harmonizes next to the necklace with the same line. It has to end slightly above the material what means that it should not extend beyond the visible part of skin.

In terms of selection og jewellery to color of material, it is worth to just try on both of the outfit’s elements to convince ourselves that there is a harmony between them. Gold or silver with no stones will be good in any case. White crystals and diamonds are also neutral by colour-matched, so they are presenting in a good way next to any given color. In case of multicolored stones, it is good to keep the following rule: if we wear bright fabrics, we choose darker jewellery and for those darker – the brighter one. The stones with intensive colors are great addition to outfit in a black color.